Tastyzone is a largest food and beverage manufacturing and marketing company, includes products like Chocolates, Lollypops, Candies, Organic honey, Organic Jam etc. Ethix Industries Inc. started its FMCG journey with Tastyzone, by offering distribution and stockiest opportunies all over India.

We dedicate ourselves to give the best which reflects in the quality and standard of all our products. Each product is carefully prepared with natural and organic materials and minimizes the amount of chemicals used in the finished goods.

The products are manufactured and packed with a purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier life. Ethix Industries also intends to reach every city and village of India through its partnering offers, with the best deals available in the FMCG market.

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Market Research

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods are the 4th largest sector in the Indian Economy. The FMCG sector has grown from US$ 31.6 billion in 2011 to US$ 52.75 billion in 2017-18. The sector is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.86 % to reach US$ 103.7 billion by 2020.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to grow as one of the premier and finest FMCG brand across India with Global recognition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow as a sustainable business opportunity to enhance the wealth generating capability of every individual wishing to become an entrepreneur and thereby contribute to the growth of the community as well.

We Support You

  • 1. All the ordered stock will be sent in finalized distributor or superstockist rate.
  • 2. We provide you with a billing software to maintain stock and billing
  • 3. We help you to procure all important equipment
  • 4. We help to obtain all necessary (GST/DL/FSSAI (trade)/ISO ) license numbers
  • 5. Franchise authorization (Framed) certificate.
  • 6. Franchisee (Performance based) achievement award.
  • 7. Inventory management training through our billing software.
  • 8. We equip you with latest sales promotional tools and marketing strategies.
  • 9. Guide to compile sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet by a chartered accountant.
  • 10. So copy of the advertising content to promote the business in local electronic media (Cable TV) and print media/banner/stands/stickers/(No-Parking) board.
  • 11. We give advertisements in national magazines and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc..).
  • 12. Socopy of the name board with your local address.

Terms and Conditions

No deposit or fee charges with minimum purchase amount should be 50000 or more. Distributor/Super stockist agreement for 2 years will be made.

We will help you to procure the below mentioned Things with top quality at the most economical price by using our (Bulk) purchase influence

  • 1. Racks for storage (Stainless steel/wooden)
  • 2. Name board with back light (Company norms)
  • 3. Computer and printer (Epson) for billing
  • 4. Interiors and furnishings
  • 5. Refrigerator
  • 6. Wifi connection

Required Steps to Start Your Franchise Business

  • Step – 1 :Idenfying a premises with minimum area above 1000 Sq.Ft. and above.
  • Step – 2 : Send pictures of the premises to 9816618166 (Whatsapp).
  • Step – 3 : Preparing Blue Print of the proposed premises by civil engineer, if needed by any govt. dep.
  • Step – 4 : Send your signed application form with residential proof, PAN, Aadhaar & ID proof
  • Step – 5 : Pay fee amount Rs. 83000+18% GST and get franchise agreement.
  • Step – 6 : Send the Rental agreement copy to our Chennai address/Email.
  • Step – 7 :Interview / shortlist / appoint / train all staff.
  • Step – 8 : Apply for all necessary (GST/FSSAI/ISO/DL) license numbers ( We Assist)
  • Step – 9 : Furnish the premises with Important equipment and PC with billing software.
  • Step – 10 : Do Inauguration by informing the neighborhood in an informative and innovative manner.

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