Tastyzone a fast moving consumer goods division established by Ethix Group with the years of experience in manufacturing and marketing across India. We are emerging leaders in inventing, inspiring and investing in sustainable business ventures. .

We deal with a wide range of FMCG products starting with candies and confectioneries and not limiting to organic food products. We assure the best in class quality with loads of goodness and health in each of our product. Responding to the changing market in FMCG, where people are reaching out to more natural products in every phase of life and age, we have launched top quality products in affordable prices.

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100+ FMCG Products Under One Roof…..

Ayurvedic and Organic FMCG Products.We are manufacturing in a clean and healthy manner.


Goodness in Taste

Tastyzone products are manufactured with carefully hand picked raw materials with extremely less additives with loads of health variants.


Quality Assured

Tastyzone has an integrated, systemic approach to ensure its customer and suppliers.


FMCG Market

The retail FMCG market is estimated to reach $ 692 billion in 2019 with moderate trade expected to grow at 20-25% per annum., which is likely to boost revenues of FMCG companies



Customers Say



“ I am a home based cookie maker and i purchase my chocolates from Tastyzone. I find the quality and standard upto the mark in affordable prices. I have never changed my vendor till date. "

Gladin Jenifer ˗ Chennai

“ I am a FMCG stockist and i am amazed with the customer service offered by Ethix Tastyzone from delivery to supply. ”

Vinoth Kumar ˗ Erode

“ All the products are finest in quality with less additives and loads of taste and health. I refer these products to all kids which are safe to consume. ”

jeevitha ˗ Delhi
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